Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Alamak had been a very frequently used word in Singapore, and most of us could easily believe that it had its origin from the Malays. I was very surprised to learn from my japanese friends that Alamak is a frequent word used in Japan, and occasionally the word actually appear in Japanese drama. My Japanese friends claim that it was from Japan, while i strongly assert that it clearly comes from the Malays. So what had happened?

I strongly recommend who those are very free out there to try digesting this blog article:

I am pretty much amazed by the 2 theories as to why Alamak originated from Japan, and how on the other hand, it can originate from the Malaya. I think we often take this word from granted, and I can hardly fathom the fact that such a commonly used word in Singapore, can give rise to a contemplative article from a historic point of view. Exciting history :)

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